Blogs That Catch My Eye

My older sister, Blair, is an avid blogger. She has an incredible talent of putting her words in such a way that makes you feel as if you are there with her- experiencing, feeling, seeing, and understanding in the way that she doesImage

I eagerly wait for her newest posts each week and am continually inspired by her words even though she lives nearly 2,000 miles away in Austin, Texas.

Although she is a twenty-two year old of many talents, perhaps one of her greatest is the ability to inspire others of all ages by giving hope and encouragement through the words of her blog posts each week.

After starting a blog in high school as a way to share her faith and stories of her everyday life, she gained so much attention from friends and family members on social media that she eventually developed her blogs into a website called, where she now continues to share similar inspirational stories in addition to anything girls in their teenage years to 100 years old would enjoy.

Organizational tips, home decorating advice, how to’s, or just life advice in general are all things you can expect to find when scrolling through the archives of my sister blog.

I love her blog because she is so honest and real, and I feel like I can relate to or benefit from nearly everything she writes about in her posts.

People who know Blair well, know that she has character, integrity, and authenticity- all of which are characteristics in which have helped her earn her credibility.

Another blog that is similar in some ways to Blair’s is the blog, A Holy Experience, of the famous author of “One Thousand Gifts”, Ann Voskamp.Image

Ann has much more experience in the blogging world, as she has been doing it for much longer and posts every single day, making it a part-time job for her.

Her blog is the journal of her life as a follower of Jesus, a home-schooling mother of six, the wife to a farmer, and the author of a New York Times best selling book.

In my opinion, Ann Voskamp’s credibility is built through her personal experience. I would assume the main group of people who follow her are mothers who can relate to Voskamp’s stories and advice, and therefore they know from their own experiences that what she writes is true and believable.

I came across Ann’s blog recently and absolutely fell in love with it because she recently visited Guatemala where she blogged about her time in the dumps and her overall experience. Because I recently took a similar trip and kept a blog about my experience, it was amazing for me to read Ann’s stories and gain insight on her perspective.

The third and final blog I read and reviewed is by my sorority sister, Jessica Clinch, who also blogs as a part-time job. Her blog, Simply Jessica Marie, has a different purpose than my sister’s and Ann Voskamp’s, though.



After graduating from Elon University, where we both attended while Jessica was a senior and I was a freshman, Jessica became a wedding planner and also created her own Etsy shop where she sells homemade products like painted canvases, personalized stationary, and more creative products.

Her blog is mostly giveaways and advertising for her products and services, instead of personal journal stories from her life, like Blair and Ann’s blog.

My favorite type of blog is similar to that of my sister’s. I enjoy reading personal stories that are encouraging and inspiring, in addition to different pieces of advice- whether it be how to organize your closet, or where to get the best deals as a college student.

I probably like this type of blogging most, because, well, it is most similar to the type of blogging I do. The only difference between the type of blogging I do, is that it is probably more geared towards a younger age group, because I myself am younger and don’t have experience to write about a full time job or moving into my first apartment, like my sister does. In addition, the content and style is not as mature and professional and I don’t own the rights to my own website, like Blair, Ann and Jessica do.

Although I don’t write as often as I would like to, when I do post, it is most similar to my sisters in the form of a journal. I hope to one day find enough time to write more often and maybe even have my own website, but for now, a word press blog will have to do!




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